Search Engine Optimisation

Fundamentally there are two forms of SEO

PPC (Pay Per Click)

This is the practice whereby you pay in order to rank highly within search engines. These are the search results at the top of the page of search engines, marked ‘Ad’ which signifies a paid avert.  This can become an extremely costly pursuit, but it does mean you rank highly from day one.  Pay per click works by companies basically bidding on how much they want to pay per click on their search engine advert, the highest bids show higher and more often  If you are in a very competitive market this can be very expensive,  however if you are competing within a relatively niche market, then the costs would be considerably lower.  We can set up PPC for your website if this is the route you want to go down, but bear in mind, you pay for every click, whether or not you receive an order.

SEO concept

Organic Optimisation

Crowd of fans

This is how your website ranks within search engines naturally due to the relevance of your website compared to the term searched for.  Search engines use algorithms in order to rank your website.  These algorithms are complex equations which take into account a number of different factors in order to decide the relevance of your site. The factors taken into account include content keywords, speed and quality of your site as well as the amount of traffic visiting your site.  This is how we optimise the website we build and although this option can take a little more time to rise up through the rankings, this is achievable and will also keep your costs to a minimum.  Organic rankings also take into account the links that point to your site.  This is where you can help your own page rankings by utilising your social media accounts.  A steady, consistent stream of Facebook and twitter posts actually adds links that point to your site, and this can really help to push you up the listings. Sharing images links on Instagram and Pinterest will also help to achieve this, as well as promoting your products at the same time.