You want to set up your own blog or affiliate website.

We are independent, freelance, website developers.  We can not only build you a bespoke influencer website,  but can also optimise your website in order for it to be found on all popular search engines. 

You don't want it to cost the earth

We pride ourselves on offering excellent value for money.

Our 'Influencer' packages start from just £199

The reason these packages do not have fixed prices,  is because there are predominantly two different kinds of influencer sites, and these can vary wildly depending on the kind of site you want.  We quote individually for building influencer websites as they can be far more involved , with a lot of more optional functionality available.

Please note : These package prices are for the website structure and design.  The package price does not include bespoke content and images.  The reason for this is many clients wish to manage their own website content and images, and therefore you will receive access to your websites admin page in order to do this.  If you want a me to provide a fully complete website, including uploading your content and images we will need to quote for this service.

We are also able to write your content for you and source royalty free stock images, this can also be included in your quotation.

Blog package from just £199

This option is ideal for the start-up Blogger. If you want to write posts containing links in order to influence your followers, then this option is for you.

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So what do you get ?


We register the website domain name of your choice, or find the best available alternative. This is the most basic form of website as there is only one page, your blog. This package includes setup of your blog and the creation of your logo, if required. You will be given access to your WordPress admin area, where you can create and optimise your own posts.


Once we have created your blog page we then go about optimising it.   This is commonly known as SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation).  This  part of the build ensures that your blog ranks well on all major search engines.  We optimise your blog page, using the most relevant search term for the subject of your blog.  Search terms are the phrases customers use in order to find your website online,  for instance ‘Fashion Blogger for 30 somethings’.  You will also have the function of being able to optimise each post as you write them. 


We then set up your business Email account,  which can also be chosen by you,  however this will be something like ‘’ We can then either give you access to this email account, or auto forward all email to another email address of your choice.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate website from just £299

Affiliate websites are a great way of making money from home. You promote products from existing brand websites, and then earn commissions based on sales.  Commissions can range anywhere from 2% up to 30% in some cases.  I quote for each affiliate website individually, as they can vary so much, depending on your needs.

There are so many options available when it comes to affiliate sites.  You may just want to post affiliate banners on our website, in which case, this is a reasonably simple set up and would therefore be a relatively cheap option.  However there is also the option to go the whole hog and list individual products within relevant product categories.  This is far more involved and the setup costs would obviously reflect this.  The more product categories you have the more targeted the optimisation, but the higher the setup cost.  In effect this would be an e-commerce store without the basket and payment function. 

We can offer a totally bespoke package depending on your requirements, so please feel free to contact us for a quote.  

Below you will find an example of an affiliate website we built recently.  This site would be classed at the higher end of the pricing structure, due to the amount of categories and bespoke functionality.  This shows what it possible, when it comes to affiliate sites.

If you want to go down the route of listing individual products, there is the possibility of automating this task.  We can set up software, which can automatically upload affiliate products onto your website.  There would be an addition charge for this service, however this function would save you hours of time, if were planning on promoting a large amount of products, long term.