You want an e-commerce shop in order to sell your products online.

We are independent, freelance, website developers. We can not only build you a bespoke e-commerce website,  but can also optimise your website in order for it to be found on all popular search engines. 

You don't want it to cost the earth

We pride ourselves on offering excellent value for money.

Our 'E-Commerce' website costs are extremely competitive.

The reason this package does not have a fixed price,  is because e-commerce shops can vary dramatically.  This can depend on the amount of product categories you require, which in turn increases the amount of search phrase (keywords) optimisation. We quote individually for building e-commerce websites as they can be far more involved , with plenty of scope for additional functionality, depending on your requirements.  Businesses can end up paying upwards of £10,000 in order to create a large scale, fully optimised, fully functional, e-commerce website.  Don’t let this put you off though, as the majority of small scale e-commerce web stores will cost considerably less than this.

Please note : We offer a full range of options for e-commerce stores, and can build anything you require.  Contact me for a free, no obligation quote.

We are also able to write your content for you if necessary and source royalty free stock images, this can also be included in your quotation.                                             

You will receive a quotation specific to the website and functionality that you require.

Sell your products online


We register the website domain name of your choice, or find the best available alternative. Then we get to work planning and designing the site YOU want.  With this option you get a bespoke homepage, an ‘about you’ page, as well as category pages and a product page of your choice.  We can add a blog page to your site ,so that you are able to can keep your customers up to date. We will also create a logo for your new e-commerce website, if required.


We create the menu structure and product categories to your preference.  This will include a menu suitable for all mobile devices.  Each category will be fully optimised for the products within that category. This means anyone searching for a product type, that you sell, will be able to find them on your website through a search engine.  This is where the costs can rise, depending on the size of you online store.  You can have as many product categories as you need. If you have a large number of different product categories, each category would need to be optimised for the relevant keyword.  This enables potential customers to find you when searching for specific products online.  You will end up with a lot more search phrases linked to your site, which in turn will increase traffic on your website. However the final overall cost will reflect this.


Once the design is finished and created we then go about optimising your website.   This is commonly known as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).  This part of the build ensures that your website ranks well on all major search engines. We optimise all pages and categories using the most relevant search terms for your business.  Search terms are the phrases customers use in order to find your website online,  for instance ‘Online Boutique in Leicestershire’.


We create your required product page layout.  This will include image layout and whatever product information you require. Our websites can be linked to some accounting systems.  This means that if you run an accounting system such as Sage, you can link this to your website in order to download orders and even upload your products.  This function would have a separate development cost involved, as we would need to purchase the appropriate licences and have the link written specifically for your requirements, however this function could potentially save you hours of work in the long run.


We then set up your business Email account,  which can also be chosen by you,  however this will be something like ‘’ We can then either give you access to this email account, or auto forward all email to another email address of your choice.


We use Woo-commerce software to set up your online shop. Woo-commerce uses PayPal as your standard payment gateway.  Setting your website up to receive PayPal payments is included in this package.  However, if you wish to use a different payment portal, this will have to be quoted separately.

What you end up with :

A bespoke E-commerce website layout and menu structure linked to a PayPal account in order to take payments.

A fully optimised website enabling potential customers to find your business and product categories online.

A business Email account.

Access to your WordPress admin page in order to manage your new e-commerce store.

Additional Functionality

There are a whole host of extra functions that can be added to your e-commerce website.  You may want to offer discounts,  you may have multiple shipping rates,  you may even want to run a voucher code system.  The good news is that all these functions are available,  however the bad news is that these would come at an extra cost.  This is due to the fact that these functions would need to be purchased and then setup, or possibly even written specifically for your website. 

The fact is, we can create basically anything that you require,  but this would need to be quoted for and agreed before I start your build.