Bespoke Qualified Content

Content is the text that appears within your website. Content is critical when it comes to being found by potential customers.  This is due to the fact that search engines can read (crawl/index) the text on your website in order to decide the relevance of your site, compared to the term that has been searched for. 

The best placed person to write this content is usually the owner of the business, after all, nobody knows your business better than you. However you may not be comfortable doing this, and that is where we come in.  We offer a bespoke content writing service which can be added to your chosen website package. 

We talk to our clients in order to ascertain what their business is all about, and who their potential customers are.  We then write qualified content so that those potential customers will find their website.  All content can then be approved, before being uploaded to your website.



We would need to agree an additional price for this bespoke service, depending on your requirements.

If you are happy to write your own content, we can proof read and tweak it, in order to improve search engine rankings, before uploading onto your new website. 

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